Eavestroughs, Soffits, and Fascias


An eaves and eavestrough system is essentially your rainwater system. As water runs off of the roof, it collects in the eavestrough or “gutter” that generally runs the whole way around the edge of your house. The water in your eavestrough is then fed into your downspout pipe, which allows the water to safely travel to the ground.

Having an eavestrough is important as it controls water flow and ensures moisture doesn’t pool and damage your property. If you are having eavestrough work done, it is a great time to have your soffit board and panels checked!

Soffits run along the bottom of your roof and connect to your eavestrough. They not only provide ventilation to your roof, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing to the eye and protect your rafters from outdoor elements.

A fascia is an extended piece of aluminum that is attached horizontally along the bottom edge of your roof. It improves both the aesthetic and the function of the roof and rainwater system that is vital protection of your home’s underlying structure: its moulding forms a visually pleasing transition from the room deck to your soffit, enhancing your curb appeal.

Thankfully a little protection can go a long way, and moss can be combated with regular care. If you’d like us to come have a look at your roof you can get in touch through our contact page or check out our services page for more information on what we can do to fit your roofing needs!

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