Much Ado About Moss

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Moss can be much more than just an eyesore, it can ultimately be a risk to your health and the integrity of your roof! Unfortunately the shingles that make up your roof, offer the perfect habitat for moss to grow and spread; your roof is usually humid and a little moist (especially if you live away from the coastline, and the shade often provided by surrounding trees, offer some protection from heavy sunlight. When you combine these factors with the accumulation of leaves and other dirt that comes naturally with roofing, it provides the nutrients required for moss to grow in abundance.

Moss retains a lot of water on the surface of your roof, much like a sponge, so over time, as the water freezes and thaws, the shingles crack and pull apart allowing leaks and rot to lay siege to your roof. Moss forms particularly quickly around the edges of shingles, pulling the edges apart and leaving your roof cracked.

Thankfully a little protection can go a long way, and moss can be combated with regular care. If you’d like us to come have a look at your roof you can get in touch through our contact page or check out our services page for more information on what we can do to fit your roofing needs!

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